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Buying a pair of jeans can be tricky especially when you're looking online. There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect pair. How do I know what length I need? What fit would look best on my body? What makes a jean "premium denim"? We'll try to address several of our most frequently asked questions to help you make a more informed choice. No jean is a guaranteed fit, but hopefully, this information will help you narrow down the field of contenders.

1. How do I know what length to buy? We recommend taking your favorite fitting pair of jeans and measuring the inseam from the bottom of the leg to the center seam of the crotch. This is how we decide our inseam measurements. Use the measurement that you took to compare with the jeans on our site. Our measurements will vary slightly from one jean size to the next. If you would like for us to measure the inseam of your size in a particular style, please email or call us and we will be happy to assist you.

2. How do I know what rise to buy? Jeans generally fall into 1 of 3 categories: low rise, mid-rise, and high rise. Low rise generally rests at the hips (6.5"+). Mid-rise is somewhere between the hip and the belly button (8"+). High rise is close to the belly button (9"+). Low rise jeans typically sell the best, but the trend has been moving toward slightly higher jeans. Mid rise jeans are a great compromise and will help support the tummy and prevent "muffin top." When in doubt, measure the rise of your favorite pair of jeans (from the seam at the crotch to the top of the waistband.) Measurements sometimes vary slightly by jean size so we will be happy to measure the rise on your size if you would like.

3. How do I know what fit to buy? See the Jean Fit Terminology section to see the difference between each fit. Traditional boot cut jeans like the Mia from Big Star are usually a safe style for most body types.

4. I have a flat behind. What jeans will give my booty a little extra boost? Jeans with higher pockets will keep your jeans from sagging. Flap pockets will give you a little more volume. Avoid jeans that are too baggy. You have the benefit of being able to wear popular brands like MEK, Miss Me and Sang Real which all have ornate pockets.

5. What kind of jeans will flatter a curvaceous booty? Make sure your jeans have a little stretch to accommodate your curves. You should probably stick to jeans with higher pockets and avoid pockets that are too big or too small. Low wide set pockets will only make you look wider across the back. Stick to darker colored denim as this will give you a slimmer look. Look for jeans that are higher in the back than in the front like the Diva Jean from !iT Jeans.

6. What jeans look best on a curvy body? Curvy bodies should avoid drastic shapes like big flares or skinny jeans. They will exaggerate the shape of your body. (Skinny jeans may still be a possibility when tucked into boots to balance out the top half of your body.) Boot cut jeans or even wide leg trouser styles in dark washes will give you a leaner look. Pair your boot cut jeans with an empire waist top and your wide leg jeans with a slim cut top for the maximum slimming effect. The Club jean from AG, Lou Jean from Big Star and Diva Jean from !iT Jeans are all specifically designed for curvier bodies.

7. How do I shop for my petite body? We offer several styles in short or petite fits. Brands like !iT Jeans, Paige, and 7 for All Mankind are great choices for anyone under 5'4". If you are both petite and slender than you can pull off fashionable looks like the skinny jean with ease, but you may want to avoid jeans that are too wide in the leg because they can overwhelm your tiny frame. Lower rise jeans will help elongate a short torso. Bootcut and straight leg jeans are your best bets when you know you're going to have to have your jeans altered.

8. How do I camouflage my thighs? Avoid jeans with whiskers or heavy fading on the thighs. These will just draw attention where you least want it. Dark washes are best in bootcut, straight leg, or trouser styles. Lucky Brand Jeans are overall a great brand for bigger hips and thighs. You also might like the Robertson Jean from Paige, the Milano Trouser from !iT Jeans or the Andi Trouser from Big Star.

9. Why are some jeans considered "premium denim"? There are several elements which qualify a jean as premium, but probably the top reasons are fit and originality. Premium denim designers spend a lot of time and money developing fits that will make your body look and feel its best. The highest quality of denim is used from Italy and Japan. Often each jean is given many of its special details by hand including hand sanding, whiskers and grinding. Premium jeans are on the cutting edge of denim design with many of the lesser priced jean scrambling to try and replicate each new element introduced. Premium denim now caters to those of us who are more petite with jeans like the Flip Flop jean from 7 and the Hollywood Hills Petite from Paige.