Lil Maggie

The Lil Maggie- Lucky's lowest rise jean. The Lil Maggie is slim through the hips and thighs and ends it a variety of leg openings. Fans of this younger fit may also like the Tuesday by Silver Jeans or the Laurel Canyon by Paige Premium Denim.

About the Lil Maggie Jean by Lucky Brand:

Lucky Brand's Lil Maggie Jean is a young and fun, ultra low rise, slim fitting jean. It fits slim through the hips and thighs flaring out slightly from the knee into a boot leg opening. It is often available in other leg openings as well.

The Lil Maggie is the lowest rise and slimmest fit offered by Lucky Brand Jeans, making it a great choice for the younger woman who loves her shape and wants to show it off. Just slipping this style on will give you a younger attitude, but you may need to go up a size if you are used to wearing the more relaxed fits from Lucky.

We love this style with layered Fluxus tanks or a retro plaid shirt from Vintage Havana and a sporty pair of kicks.