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Junk Food

About Junk Food

JunkFood began in 1998 with designer/co-owner Natalie Grof and designer/co-owner Blaine Halvorson having an idea to make a better t-shirt. What began as a ''feel good'' brand has now evolved into one of Hollywood's most sought after possessions. JunkFood has won over the hearts of millions around the world with its soft vintage feel and the nostalgia of brands like Smurfs, Flash Gordon, and Star Wars. JunkFood meticulously searches for brands that invoke a sense of nostalgia and whimsy. Customers not only get a trip down memory lane, but they get to wear their favorite memories everyday. For years, Junk Food has enjoyed success in the juniors and women's market, and are now answering the cries of the men's market as well. Always evolving and always in style, Junk Food forces you to get your sweet tooth.