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Mek Denim

About MEK Denim

Mek Jeans are the creation of the same denim gurus who brought us Miss Me, Sang Real and Rock Revival. They truly know denim and are among the most innovative designers in the industry. Cutting edge pocket treatments are their specialty as you can see when you look at the back of any pair of Mek jeans. Your behind will not go unnoticed with their trademark ''M'' design that has been pieced and stitched with great care.

The brand began with Mek's Oaxaca jean which is still our #1 selling Mek jean. The reaction was huge because it was a look and a price that had not been represented in the denim market before. Their idea was to create an edgier, more urban style that actually retailed for under $150! Premium denim and premium design elements were used, but prices were able to remain low because of Mek's previous experience in manufacturing. Currently, Mek offers several styles and fits in both men's and women's denim with a variety of washes and pocket treatments. You'll be impressed by not only by the tremendous value of Mek Jeans, but also the superior quality and design.