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Mek Denim

About MEK Denim

When the manufactures of Miss Me Jeans decided to enter the premium denim market, they wanted to design a jean that could stand out from the rest. Handcrafted details and top quality denim are combined to create this truly unique denim line that caters to both men and women. What first attracted us to MEK denim was the fact that their jeans were so different than the standard premium denim. Well placed grinding and destruction, fabulous washes and truly novel back pockets really make MEK denim jeans special. Our #1 MEK denim style for both men and women has been the Oaxaca which is almost as much fun to pronounce as it is to wear! If you already have the Oaxaca, then give Mykonos, Seattle, San Francisco, or Seattle a try. There's not a bad style of MEK, so you can order with confidence!