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About Skechers

Skechers USA Shoe Company offers a variety of shoes under several different labels- Skechers Sport, Somethin’ Else, and Skecher’s Collection. They make a shoe to appeal to just about every type of consumer imaginable from male to female, conservative to ultra trendy, and young to mature. Their diversity of styles and distribution is what has led them to become an award-winning global leader in the footwear industry. The designers for Skechers closely watch footwear trends and translate them into stylish easy to wear shoes making them leaders in the market instead of followers. With Skechers you do not have to sacrifice comfort in order to have well dressed feet. Their many years of experience developing shoes have allowed them to perfect their methods of making the most comfortable shoes possible. Whether you like sporty slip-ons, casual skimmers, fur-lined boots or funky flip-flops, you will be able to find something from Skechers to get excited about!