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About Fayettechill

Society encourages busy-ness as a way of life. Asking you to reconsider the pace of the modern life by getting away from the burden of busy, Fayettechill wants to get back to basics. With an emphasis on stepping back from the draining daily grind, they want you to embrace nature and the art of un-busy. Their clothing is made to accompany you on your next venture into nature with the best of comfort and style. With bold colors, graphics depicting some of the reasons to get back to nature, and high-quality materials, the clothing offered by this brand is perfect for finding your chill.

The overall aesthetic of this brand is reminiscent of a retro summer camp vibe, but don’t let that vintage vibe fool you. This is definitely a brand with a finger on the pulse of modern day fashion and what their customers want in apparel. From camo colored trucker hats to their lightweight khaki shorts, every item has styling that is unique to the brand which makes it easily identifiable as a Fayettechill product. In addition to understanding the unique style they hope to cultivate, they are also committed to their values of artistry and responsible production. With a focus on creating clothing that is sustainable and eco-friendly, as well as keeping a strict Made in America standard, Fayettechill creates apparel that lines up with their ethics.

While they offer a wide range of products, they are most well known for their shirts. Made with 100% cotton for optimal softness and ease of care, these shirts are made with their signature design of a large, full-color graphic depicting the beauty of nature. Whether a fly fishing t-shirt, a mountain sunrise tee, or any of the other vivid graphic shirts available, these shirts are a colorful way to add some laid-back style to your collection. From lightweight jackets perfect for a slight chill in the air during a fall day hiking to a pair of shorts ideal for a day at the lake, every option is made to encourage you to embrace nature over the grind. Add some stylish apparel to your collection and rediscover your chill with this great brand!